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Rudd Taylor
Rudd Taylor@ruddct · Object Limited, SALT, Amazon, U of WA CS
Loving a lot of the apps that focus on making something meaningful out of IG connections these days, especially as we're seeing it as our main channel for user acquisition. Why'd you guys choose it over other socials graphs? Like the implementation, in any case.
elan miller
elan millerMaker@elan_miller · partner, midnight
@ruddct Thanks Rudd! We think Instagram has the potential to potential to be the next big social graph for 2 main reasons: a) Surfacing shared places on Glimpse (another app we built to date with Instagram) was really powerful and effectively drove a ton of conversation. b) Instagram is putting more emphasis on location. In their latest update, they auto-suggest venues, making it easier for the user to tag a place. We’re betting “Place-as-part-of-the-picture” will definitely be a thing moving forward.
elan miller
elan millerMaker@elan_miller · partner, midnight
Hi Product Hunt! Back in April, Facebook made some major changes to their API, shutting down much of its social graph for developers. Our latest project, Me+You, is an experiment to find the next big social graph. It’s a simple tool/email (think OG Timehop / Agora) to let you know what you have in common with new Instagram followers (eg. Mutual friends and places you’ve both shared photos). Here’s more about why we built it, and what we’re trying to learn if you’re curious: It’s very much a beta, but would love to hear what you think and answer any questions :)
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
It's really interesting to see how Instagram has evolved as a product and ecosystem (check out this Instagram products collection).
Raquel Hernandez
Raquel HernandezMaker@maggit · Engineering manager at @splice.
@rrhoover: Would it be possible to add Me+You to the Instagram collection on PH? :)
Corey Breier
Corey Breier@itscoreyb · Growth at Invisible Technologies
For the life of me, I can't figure out why dating apps don't do something like this yet
Roman Petruchyk
Roman Petruchyk@slink · just a studennt
Love this app, but the thing is that it doesn't provide enough functionality. There are apps, which have all these functions + way more. Check and click here, you'll be surprised about how good this app is