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Me in a Nutshell is a very simple online presence tool that puts together a beautiful looking mini-site. All you have to do is connect your social media accounts. Built by a former employee of mine and his wife.
@byosko Hi Ben, thanks for sharing. Who's behind the project?
@philgo20 I'm one of the nuts responsible. I'm working with Lucy (designer), along with Bryan & Jesse (2 amazing devs). Here's my page if you're interested in seeing what I'm all about
@philgo20 Sorry I didn't see this question, was off on a trip. But I see Jeremy responded.
You can create your page in seconds, really easy to use. The resulting page is very nice visually and can be customised for those who want a more personal touch. Good work!.
@jorgealvarez Feedback very much appreciated! REALLY great to hear :)
finally !!! a decent alternative to ! Thanks so much !
@adigold1 You're very welcome! Lots of work still to do, but we're working away and having a great time
Quick and easy way to combine my info! Nice interface. Also happy to get my first name in URL!
@bradyoriginal I'm jealous. It won't give me "aya" as there's a 4 character minimum ;)
@adividedbys - Ah, you can probably get AyaS ! My daughter Zoe, faces the same issue with a 4 letter minimum! My son is Max, but that is short for Maximilian! I have always had a tough time getting Brady as a username! Lately though, thanks to @ProductHunt showing me all of these startups in early stages, I have been able to get in early enough to secure Brady on a few things! I couldn't get brady .com so I got the next best recently with !!!
@bradyoriginal nice workaround with the br8y! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
@bradyoriginal Update: the guys at MeinaNutshell accommodated - I now have "aya" ☺️
@adividedbys @bradyoriginal we aim to please :) Logic is now 2 chars, numbers or letters. Short names rejoice!
Hello & thanks so much for the feedback! We're excited to finally be live.