Markdown to PDF converter

Mdpdf is A command line markdown to pdf converter with support for page headers, footers, and custom stylesheets. Mdpdf is incredibly configurable and has a JavaScript API for more extravagant usage.

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kleerkoat@kleerkoat · Mechanical Designer
header and footer support! thank you.
Elliot BlackburnMaker@elliotblackburn · Software Engineer
@kleerkoat Oops, footers are still in development at the moment! Hoping to get it released in a few days. Headers are working well though, footers should work the same. I'll post an update here once they're out :) Edit: Footers are now completely implemented!
Elliot BlackburnMaker@elliotblackburn · Software Engineer
@kleerkoat There are now some examples in the repo of how to use both headers and footers :)
kleerkoat@kleerkoat · Mechanical Designer
@elliotblackburn awesome! glad you put examples in, never worked with handlebars before. ;-)
Elliot BlackburnMaker@elliotblackburn · Software Engineer
@kleerkoat You shouldn't really need any handlebars, and can actually call the files *.html if you want. It just works with handlebars because it's what the module uses to compose all the generated / provided HTML together for the final PDF creation :)