Solving acne with computer vision and AI


Ryan Heybourn
@ryanheybourn · Internet kid. Previously @foundler.
Absolutely awesome idea and something I wish had been built a few years ago. Being able to assist someone through a time where their self confidence is at an all time low is rad. I wish you all the best 🙌
Tony Freed
@tony_freed · Entrepreneur & Product Hacker
@odedharth · CEO of MDalgorithms
Thanks @katmanalac for the hunt! 🙏 MDacne helps 500M people with acne. The app analyzes the skin using computer vision and based on the results provides a customized treatment plan in order to treat their acne and enhance their quality of life. Can’t wait to hear what you think! 😁
Kat Manalac
@katmanalac · Partner, Y Combinator
MDacne helps people solve their skin problems. If you have skin issues, you can download their app, take a selfie and get an instant, personalized treatment plan. The app tracks your skin improvement and lets you ask a dermatologist questions. And they're the #1 acne app in the US, UK and Australian App Stores!
Alexandre Mouriec
@mrcalexandre · Associate @ Argos VR | Writer @ Stuffi
Awesome product 👏 I have acne since several years and I have a great treatment plan but this tool would have been very useful. Amazing way to use computer vision and AI to solve health problems 👍