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World's first dermatologist-based acne analysis app

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This app mentions "Take your accutane" without mentioning the associated risks and problems of taking Isotretinoin (aka Accutane). Having taken it myself some time ago, its something that every health professional would instruct you clearly about. Using this app without having consulted an MD is probably a bad idea.
@lukasfittl good comment . Accutane is not available for self treatment. Accutane needs of course a prescription and physician follow up same as oral antibiotics and some of the creams. The idea of the app is provide all tools for basic treatment and prevention together with advice on physician based treatment for the more severe cases.
Good thing it's just an "analysis" app, and not a "treatment"
@sixside Many thanks for your positive comment. Every good treatment starts with an exact diagnosis education and prevention. Creams and drugs are always secondary.