McDonald's Per Capita

Number of McDonald's outlets per capita by country

Interested in seeing where you will find the most McDonald's outlets?
Dynamic infographic shows you where you are more likely and less likely to find a McDonald's outlet as well as how many burgers you can buy for $50.
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Ronald Langeveld
I just wanna surf
I'm a freelance web developer and occasional maker. I wanted to learn to how to use GatsbyJS and it's rendering tools. I found it to be amazing. So whilst eating a Big Mac, I scraped the McDonald's data from Wikipedia and saved into a Json file and programatically made GatsbyJS render it all out. And it's all blazing fast!
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That's awesome! I'd also be interested in a similar visualization that shows how # of Big Macs the average person can afford per day: You'd need: - Per Capita Daily Income per Country - Cost of a Big Mac per Country
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Lui Kohl
Would be great if the list was sortable. :)
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Luka OrehekFOO Inc.
Great idea, nice ui. But I check 3-4 countries and all prices were way off, so you should really get right prices. Best
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Lyondhur Picciarelli
T&R Innovation HCI Industrial Designer
I have absolutely no idea why I even looked at this.. haha