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Notes, tasks, and messaging in a unified collaboration space


Mazey is an all-in-one solution for teams to share notes and documents, keep track of tasks, and talk about them. With chats that are connected to individual notes and to-do’s, conversations stay compartmentalized, focused and on-point.

Mazey is currently available on Android and iOS, with a web app coming soon!

Would you recommend this product?
business of data

Great for distributed teams of all sorts


Helps me maintain focus - helps efficiency and knowledge management. Thank you Mazey!


Bring us more features!


So I am always a bit critical when it comes to collaboration Apps - so take all I say with a groin of Salt. - A Lot of stuff is just so Important.

Mazey does get good points with how it is organized and the look & feel in the UI is great. Also the possibility of multiple Groups is really nice.

Sadly I don't see a WebApp which is almost a dealbreaker for me, even for Private stuff. A Collaboration app I can't use on my PC? - Does not make sense for me personally.

As always with these Apps security is on the downside, no encrypted chats or files - everything open for the Admins to see. But in the End it is free so you can't expect encrypted collaboration.

Not sutable for EU-Business but maybe something we can look at a later time again.


Looks and feels really good


No WebApp

Co-Founder, Mazey
@omegatcu - Thank you very much for the thorough look and excellent feedback! The web app is in the works and should be landing in a few weeks. We've discussed E2E encryption as a paid feature down the road, but have hesitated to make that investment just yet. We'll give you a heads up when the web app launches! Thanks again.

Love the constant improvement in the tool. The interface is clean and simple and keeps collaboration efficient. Curious to see how the UI scales with new features.


Simple, decluttered


Android version has some minor