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#3 Product of the DayMay 11, 2020
Say hello to Maze Discovery, a new solution to help you test and validate ideas early! Now you can create user research surveys, test design and copy ideas, and run usability testing, all in one place with Maze. 🚀
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Hi, Product Hunt community! Jonathan, co-founder of Maze here. Over the past two years, we've been working on bringing the user's voice back to the design process. By empowering product teams to collect insights at scale in minutes, we've changed the way companies think about user research from "something expensive and time-consuming" to something that's run on every sprint. Today, Maze Discovery gets us one step closer to making this vision a reality by enabling the collection of actionable insights and validation of ideas as early as possible so that product teams can make data-informed product decisions—even before the prototyping phase. Now, anyone in a product team can: - Run user research surveys - Validate ideas and concepts early - Test messaging and copy - Understand how users group information - Measure people's recall and first impressions All in one platform. We hope you like it. 💙 As with any beta, there are still some improvements to be made so we'd love to get your feedback. Email us at or leave a chat message. Let us know what you think in the comments below👇
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@maze @widawskij congrats! I just tried it and the update really is massive! Even without a prototype I can just use Maze for questionnaires and surveys. I haven't touched the other features yet, but that alone is a-mazing. Also really nice to use and fast 👏
@graeme_fulton so happy to read this, looking forward to see what you're going to do with it!
Hi @maze @widawskij! I really loved the idea and it definitely fills a huge gap that exist in this industry! Really looking forward to it's application, branding is dope! Also, would love to feature it on my Instagram handle and would love to have on my Business Podcast as guest which will expose it to Indian masses! Looking forward to your reply! Please drop in your email address if interested! Thanks
@maze @widawskij HOLY CRAP!! 💯🔥😱This is awesome! Thanks for all the work y'all do! Already playing around with it.
Tried it out and this is really easy to use! I could see buying targeted Facebook or Twitter ads and sending potential customers to a landing page with this embedded to validate startup/product ideas before the design stage.
Great job folks. Keeps getting better every time I see it.
@dhaliwas thanks, Sunil!
Great work Maze team - looking forward to testing this out.
Thanks a lot @thisdickie, excited for you to try it out!
Amazing job! Congrats Maze team 👏