Beautiful & actionable analytics for InVision prototypes


Maze is a tool for designers and developers that gives analytical results with actionable KPIs for your Invision prototypes.

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Emmanuel Nataf
M Snyder
Daniel Li
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  • M Snyder
    M SnyderDeveloper @DACC

    Great for building and tracking user and design tests.


    Doesn't work as well on screens that have a time change function, confuses where templated hotspots are

    Was searching for a product like this to organize our invision prototype testing, at first glance this looks simple and useful. Being able to select and push your prototype to different test groups or finding different test groups through this service would be AMAZING!

    M Snyder has used this product for one day.
  • Domitille Haffner
    Domitille HaffnerGraphic designer - Freelance

    So easy to take in hand - Very nice design - Intuitive - The analytics are very useful


    nothing to report for the moment

    I tested Maze with one of my invision prototype. The import is done automatically by copy pasting your invision link into Maze. Then you can create missions that your tester will have to complete. Once again all the experience is very intuitive.

    Domitille Haffner has used this product for one day.
  • Bruno Figueiredo
    Bruno FigueiredoProduct Design Intern at Neon Bank

    Really good to better catch usability test results



    Sometimes you miss some things in a usability test because you were occupied applying the test and your test companion didn't take notes, so with Maze we're catching more things, we're more free to pay attention to just applying the test

    Bruno Figueiredo has used this product for one day.
  • Enrique Sabalza
    Enrique SabalzaSerial entrepreneurship from Colombia

    Amazing design!


    None that I can see

    Well, I might give it a couple more days of testing...

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