Beautiful & actionable analytics for InVision prototypes

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Maze is a tool for designers and developers that gives analytical results with actionable KPIs for your Invision prototypes.


  • M SnyderDeveloper @DACC

    Great for building and tracking user and design tests.


    Doesn't work as well on screens that have a time change function, confuses where templated hotspots are

    Was searching for a product like this to organize our invision prototype testing, at first glance this looks simple and useful. Being able to select and push your prototype to different test groups or finding different test groups through this service would be AMAZING!

    M Snyder has used this product for one day.
  • Bruno FigueiredoProduct Design Intern at Neon Bank

    Really good to better catch usability test results



    Sometimes you miss some things in a usability test because you were occupied applying the test and your test companion didn't take notes, so with Maze we're catching more things, we're more free to pay attention to just applying the test

    Bruno Figueiredo has used this product for one day.


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Jonathan WidawskiMaker@widawskij · Founder @mazedesignhq
Thanks a lot for the hunt @ozgrozer ❤️ Too many businesses are wasting insane amounts of time and money building features just to realize that the design simply doesn’t work. This leads to frustration as teams end up rebuilding features instead of implementing new ones. We realized that there was a way to collect data much earlier in the process: performing quantitative user testing at the prototype phase to iterate quickly and effectively until your design is proven. This is why we created Maze: an affordable analytics and testing solution built on top of your InVision’s prototype. Let us know what you think, can't wait to read your feedback 🚀
yadav prasanth@riser_spy · UI designer and Human
@widawskij Made my life easy real easy. This will surely help for testing larger number of users. It had been very hard to watch every individual user videos. Now this give a good insight for quantitative analysis for apps. I just wanted to thank you Personally . Great work.
Jonathan WidawskiMaker@widawskij · Founder @mazedesignhq
Wow thank you so much @riser_spy, really appreciating!
yadav prasanth@riser_spy · UI designer and Human
@widawskij Please ease out the Signing in and Signup with options like Twitter and google Login. Rest is cool. Thanks!!!
Jonathan WidawskiMaker@widawskij · Founder @mazedesignhq
Great point @riser_spy, adding this to our backlog!
Braxton Huff 🙌🏻@3raxton · Creator traveling the world 🙌🏻
@widawskij great project that I’m certainly interested in! However, it’s out of my price range for what I want to use it for. Any plans for a student discount?
Emmanuel NatafHiring@emmanuelnataf · CEO at Reedsy
Absolutely love how easy it is to import a prototype. Any plans to develop something similar for Marvel?
Jonathan WidawskiMaker@widawskij · Founder @mazedesignhq
Thank you @emmanuelnataf! Marvel isn't on our close roadmap, but we're not against the idea of doing something similar for other tools in the future!
Matt CobbHiring@mattjohncobb
Awesome product! Just had a play around, do you plan on offering any ability to collect other feedback from testers after they complete a test? The option to leave a comment somewhere would be useful.
Jonathan WidawskiMaker@widawskij · Founder @mazedesignhq
Hey @mattjohncobb! While your maze is in draft mode, you can edit the end message testers will see once they complete the maze. You can add a link (to a google form for example) in the end message, and it will be parsed and highlighted! We plan on adding "rich testing" to our current solution by allowing you to add multiple choice questions, ratings and much more during a maze. That way, you'll be able to collect information on your product while also testing its interface! Hope that answers your question 🙌
Micha Wiebe@michawiebe · UX Designer, Hamburg
Nice Product! I think its one of the simplest yet most powerful extensions inVision hasn't launched (yet). As animation and transition in inVision evolve it should grow even more powerful. I'd like to know if you're planning on providing full recordings or maps of the mouse movements in a prototype? That would really make Maze a nice testing tool for new features. Thank you a lot!
Jonathan WidawskiMaker@widawskij · Founder @mazedesignhq
Thank you @michawiebe! We are planning on adding the mouse movement map (for the desktop prototypes only, of course). We also have other features coming along in the upcoming months : - In-app testers hiring: ability to hire testers directly from and for your mazes! - Rich testing: multiple choice questions, ratings and more (think Typeform for testing). Hope that answers your question!
Nitin Garg@nitinmgarg · Design Consultant
Very useful. This is the kind of utility I always hoped invision would add natively. Will be definitely using it for a current project and excited to see how it grows. A future feature request would be to enable active feedback prompts (text, multiple options) at certain triggers/screens.
Jonathan WidawskiMaker@widawskij · Founder @mazedesignhq
Thanks a lot @nitinmgarg! We plan on adding "rich testing" to our current solution (think typeform): multiple choice questions, ratings, binary questions and much more! Let me know if there's anything else you think about!