A lively 3D soundscape where the music follows your moves

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This is my very first attempt on making a game. I forced myself to do all the different parts my self to push my skills within graphics, programming, and interface audio. Particularly the audio has been fun. I’m an acoustical engineer and musician, but have mainly done programming of iOS apps since school. I have used the 3D audio engine framework by Apple. They’ve actually integrated the audio engine all the way in to SpriteKit (the 2D framework), making it really easy to use. Some things don’t work completely as expected though, and the CPU hit is quite big, so I’ll transition to a more direct use of their audio engine for an update in the future. All of the audio has been created in Garageband using builtin synthesisers. I’ve exported 20 samples or so (some separated in mono left/right) and placed them in the 3D audio space. The white tile is the listening position, making the audio change depending where it is on the screen. When the user advances to higher streak levels, I’m mixing in various samples to intensify the experience.
@tobiasdm Downloaded instantly, from the description this sounded like something I would love to play. After playing a bit, my main feedback is.. it doesn't feel like much of a music game? Or I'm missing how the beat-music part of it relates to the gameplay. While I played, I paused- waited for the game to 'shuffle' and reveal the path. Mashed out 5-6 left/rights. Waited, saw the path. Repeat. Aside from sounds playing when I hit left/right, I couldn't find a rhythm. That being said: Great game - 13 on leaderboard at the moment, and will try to climb. ;)
@iamunr Thanks! Unfortunately, it's not a music game :) The music mostly support the visuals in a dynamic way, so people might actually leave sound on when playing. The audio will be improved some in the next update (audiovisual synchronisation), and as mentioned even more in the future. This is a part I can actually iterate on without messing with the core game play. In the beginning, I had some more advanced ideas for the music, but my main goal was to ship the game before xmas, so had to compromise at some point. When you improve your skills, the wait-watch-do will transition to be more fluent. Hopefully :) That's my experience at least.
@tobiasdm Maybe something like... 'shake/reveal' the path slightly based on time between presses? If I mash quickly, show me whats going on. If I mash slowly, don't show me the path until it chimes in. Keep that combo going quickly to progress. :)
@iamunr This was my idea to begin with. If gamer did correct moves quickly, the path would show up more often or for prolonged time at each wave. This would result in an even more fluid game play when you became better. The current implementation was somewhat simpler. I already feel like I have to make a remake at some point :D
@tobiasdm I'm more glad that your vision for the game is what my vision for 'what it could have been'. To be fair - I only played like, 4 rounds. I might just need a little more play time.
Fantastic sound design in this game! Also very addictive. I just want to keep beating that last high score!
@ksmandersen Well, I broke the game record yesterday before going to bed. I'm looking forward to see someone going hardcore in a game of mine :)
Great game! Very polished for a first release and I like the simplicity of it. The wave revealing the path adds to the fun factor.
Great game. I love this game play and art too!