Bring Home Automation and Social Media Overlay on your TV.

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Kristofer™@kristofertm · #6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
Like that it sits on top of the cable feed. Very cool
Megan Trite
Megan TriteMaker@meg_trite · MaxMyTV
Upgrades TV to home automation and social media control center!
Megan Trite
Megan TriteMaker@meg_trite · MaxMyTV
David Singer
David Singer@singer · Product person
The home automation part is useful, and kinda fun, although I wonder if it's necessary (I can't remember watching my TV with no other device around, but that's me, not 'people'). I have to admit I'm tired of "social" on my TV from the current options and overlays already used in programs themselves, but I find that very secondary here. Smart homes are in the stone age. Good luck carving something out.
Spencer Hubbard
Spencer Hubbard@spencer_hubbard
Love too have one and try it out.