Max Secure App Store for Mac

Complete security & privacy suite for your Mac

Hello Product Hunt! We just released our own App Store with Security apps for the Mac, after being #1 in the paid apps on the Mac App Store in various countries. We have products like the AntiVirus, Max Total Security & Disk Tuner for OS X. For the Product Hunt Community we have an exclusive 30% Off on all our products: 'MAC30' 🙌
Gosh, I really don't mean to come off like a jerk, but I have concerns about this listing. I noticed these have ... well, there's no other way to put it, they have pretty terrible reviews on the MAS (in the United States, anyway.) I'm guessing that's why they've launched their "own App Store." Which isn't in and of itself suspicious, but add MAS reviewers claiming the software to be a scam, the incredibly sparse storefront, the lack of a trial/demo offering, and the fact that the Maker doesn't seem to reference their involvement with the project at all in their bios here or on Twitter... I don't know. The whole thing just all feels incredibly shady to me. Forgive me if I'm out of line on this.
@evansims hi Evan. Our earlier version had a problem because the app has to be sandboxed for the App Store, those reviews are on the older version as you can see on the App Store. Our Total Security app has a demo available on the bottom of the page. We also do have 30 days no questions asked refunds. I do have my involvement on FB & LinkedIn, will add it there too.