Mavic Pro

A foldable 4K drone by DJI that fits in your hand

Mavic Pro is a foldable mini-drone by DJI that you can take wherever you go! It ensures that you will have a spectacular 4K footage and unique photos by the 12-megapixel camera with Adobe DNG RAW.

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As a phantom 3 owner I was stoked about GoPro's Karma, loved the "all in one" package. DJI is counter punching like a seasoned pro. The size is crazy by itself and then you see the features, it's like a mini-phantom 4.
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@uphillmma That's def what it feels like, a mini-phantom 4. I have a phantom 4, but it'll be going on eBay and replaced. Portability is my only issue with the phantom, so yeah, take my money DJI.
@uphillmma What do you prefer from the Karma?
@stephanehaddad originally I liked the idea of everything in one backpack, the removable gimble (which is still a great idea) but the Mavic outscores it across the board. The features are not even close. The subject tracking and the gestured "drone" mode show how far ahead DJI is in this space.
Just saw the unveiling! DJI kill it with Drones...interesting to see right after the GoPro Karma launch! Apparently the following on this is crazy good Press: DJI’s folding drone is smaller, pricier and better at tracking than GoPro’s offering TechCrunch DJI Mavic Pro Drone Leaked, Totally Spoils GoPro's Month Forbes DJI's new Mavic Pro drone folds up and fits in the palm of your hand The Verge Chinese drone maker DJI’s new portable drone is so smart it will follow you around like a dog Recode Specs: 24 high-performance computing cores, an all-new transmission system with a 4.3mi (7km) range, 5 vision sensors, and a 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, are at your command with just a push of your thumb or a tap of your finger.
@bentossell It looks like they were waiting to see what GoPro was going do.
@greg_x_willis was only announced 8 days ago though
@bentossell That's true. I was thinking they was more of a "wait and see" product announcement approach to see if they should make any adjustments to the actually product versus their competitor. Product makers will make things in parallel that are similar. Then it becomes a whose 1st too announce, then the other one would to see how the populace reacts (Xbox vs. PlayStation). Similar situation, no?
Lots of "yay this is cool" comments here, but can anyone compare this to Karma and explain why this is actually (supposedly) better? Karma seemed like overall a better drone, and being able to have drone independent of the camera seems like a huge upside. Besides, you also get a stabilizer stick, which is great in any non-air photography/video. From a lame-man's glance, Karma is still a better choice?
@kirillzubovsky Differences between Mavic and Karma: - Mavic's flying distance is 4 miles, Karma: 0.62 miles. - Mavic's flight time is 27 minutes, Karma: 20 minutes. - Mavic is much smaller and portable than Karma. - Mavic can track and follow you around, Karma can't. - You can control Mavic using gestures, so you can film yourself instead of piloting the drone. - Mavic is easier to use. It has obstacle avoidance to prevent crashes, Karma doesn't. - DJI has built over 10 drones and Mavic is a mature product. Karma is GoPro's first drone, it is missing many features and will have more teething problems. - Mavic costs $1,000 and Karma is $1,100 (with camera), but you get a handheld stabilizer with it. If you need a handheld stabilizer to go with Mavic, you could get DJI OSMO Mobile to stabilize your smart video or DJI OSMO with 4K camera.
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@ravishahuja @kirillzubovsky Thanks for adding these. It makes comparing both drones very simple.
@ravishahuja @kirillzubovsky Mavic is the better drone. Karma is a better all around storytelling tool. If I were going on a hike and could only bring Mavic or Karma, I'd pick Karma because of the detachable gimbal and camera (drone footage alone gets boring). But if you already have a second camera or only want a drone, Mavic is a good choice.
I've always appreciated drones over the years, but was never really at the level of engagement where I was willing to deal with the cost and time to learn how to operate it properly. I know DJI has been working on these easier to use drones packed w/ sensors for awhile now, but with the new form factor, all of a sudden I feel like I HAVE to get one! I think the state of drones isvery telling in this product video, that the core message has flipped from all the great technical features a drone has, more to the side of "this is what setting you put it on to get X shot". I.E. less about implementation and more about results.