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Some idea of the pricing model would be nice. For WordPress specifically I use and its got simple pricing. With no idea of what the costs are on this platform I see no reason to give my email address for early access.
@gregghoush Ok, thanks for the feedback. We will consider adding some pricing options and some other details
@gregghoush it's my experience that when websites don't make reference to price - it will be expensive. So they want you to call their sells team first so he can "convince" you of the value. I personally hate not seeing a price, or even a range.
@erickbarron86 @gregghoush We are currently working on a pricing section. We will notify you. P.S No sales team :) The onboarding section will be simple and clean, you will see the total payment. No extra fees etc.
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that we've added a new services and pricing section on our website as you requested. Let me know what you think?
@justroscadaniel Way to be nimble! Tbh I was hoping to see higher prices. As a frequent buyer of these exact services for mvp builds, my pain points are availability, interest in a microproject, and work product quality. That last should be a function of ksa's, but quality always suffers on hourly "one-offs" for a litany of reasons. Fair, no, generous compensation keeps highly skilled microhires engaged --> better work product. Food for thought.
@kkdub Yes, thanks for the feedback Kelly, will consider adding monthly and yearly payment options too and a feature to select only the top specialists for a project and the budget for that kind of work. As you said, generous compensation will keep the highly skilled engaged.
I'm just getting a redirect to default holding page. Might be a good idea to check with your host what the hell is going on!
@pointandstare Online again. Yes we had some issues with the hosting. The irony :)
The website is currently not functioning as of 2017-05-01 09:43:41 EDT
@jacobkjones It's working just fine :) Visit
@justroscadaniel I'm getting the "Not Secure" error in chrome and the default webpage for the server, essentially a 404. Weird!
@jacobkjones could you try in incognito mode. We've just added a ssl certificate so every submission is secured and the migration to https maybe is causing the problems. Try later or on a different browser. Thanks
Hey everybody, here is a sneak peek of one of the request form You can try and submit tasks, who knows maybe we are going to help you first when we launch. Let me know what you think. Thanks