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Hi I’m Kate, Maven’s Founder & CEO. Since launching Maven 9 months ago on iOS, we’ve empowered women around the US to get convenient and affordable healthcare from the comfort of their couch-- all via video from an iPhone or iPad. Now we’re excited to introduce our newest platform: Maven on the web. You can now see one of our highly-vetted women’s and family health providers from any computer with a video camera and a modern browser, with just a few clicks. And with our free forum, you can get advice and share experiences with both Maven’s providers and our Maven community. We believe that healthcare shouldn’t be one-off transactional interactions with a provider, but a relationship that’s built over time-- with a network of trusted providers and a group of likeminded women. We’d love your feedback on our new platform – and if you, your mom/girlfriend/wife/sister/friend want to try it out, you can use the code PRODUCTHUNT to try it out on us.
I used Maven for the first time months ago to consult a doctor on a nagging question I'd had for nearly a year. Being able to just schedule 10 minutes with the doctor rather than an hour made a huge difference, not to mention the time I saved by not having to travel to see him. Scheduling will be that much easier with a desktop client. Bravo team Maven!
Desktop is looking great! What's the biggest change from mobile?