Guy Gunaratne
@guygunaratne · Co-Founder, Product & Design @Storygami
Thanks for posting Sean - you've always been our fave Norse god Hi hunters, Guy here - one of the co-founders and product designer behind Maven. We're happy to release Maven into open beta today and with that begin the first bold steps toward a corner of the internet we hope will grow into something special Maven is a video platform powered by... Show More
Koen Christiaan
Have been hearing about Maven for a bit! Exciting soluting, thanks for sharing Sean and introducing my friends to this video solution as well =D
Hunter Becton
@hunterbecton · Instructor & Founder at Skillthrive.com
Awesome, I just signed up! Just so I'm clear, Storygami is where the videos are "made" and Maven is the community for the videos to live?
Steve McGarry
@stvmcg · Founder @HacksawAcademy
I like the direction of micro-payments and as a content creator I want to provide some raw feedback Bottleneck #1: Login trust In order for a content creator (especially larger ones) to hand the keys over to a new platform, there has to be more information Bottleneck #2: Separate site for templates There appears to be a re-direct to Storygami from Maven.... Show More
Clayton Parker
@unclejessy4real · Xbox/3D Printing Youtuber, fashion tech
As a YouTube content creator this sound very very interesting. I will be making it a point to check it out over the next few days.
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