MAU - Make America United

Have a real conversation with the other side

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Ashutosh Dabral
Ashutosh DabralMaker@ashutoshdabral · Founder, Hush - Make Work Better
MAU helps you initiate a conversation with someone on the other side of the political spectrum. It helps you break the ice and go ahead and have a real conversation with people. That may help you see their point of view and help reduce the divide in the country since the US presidential elections. We believe the focus now should be on making America United again. To enter the app, you have to choose whether you are a Republican or Democrat. Once you login to the app it shows you two circles of users 1> People connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you ( At an airport, hotel, event, other public places) 2> People in a 20-mile radius around you On their profile you can see whether they are Republicans or Democrats. Initiate a chat conversation with someone (ideally someone with opposite political leanings). Meet them for a coffee, drink or meal and have a real conversation