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@stewart_cc And not to mention, Slack.
@stewart_cc Are any of those open source? Might be a clear differentiation in such a competitive space.
@saintsal Excellent point. And no, not that I know of. Slack is catching on outside of non-technical/developer teams though, and even within the tech field- how valuable is open-source vs. a pretty-polished product like Slack?
@stewart_cc In developing economies and some governments and enterprises, open source makes a big difference. (And modern open source doesn't necessarily mean bad UX or lack of polish. Take Ghost and Fedora for example.)
Hi @saintsal @stewart_cc have you checked out http://rocket.chat/ ? It is a MIT Licence, 100% JavaScript, Open-Source, self-hosted alternative. Let me know what you think of it?
Mattermost is an open-source Slack alternative for team communication. It's built by YC alums SpinPunch. You can host Mattermost on your own servers, and build whatever new functionality you want atop the code base.
thanks @katmanalac! Mattermost team here, We wrote Mattermost to solve our own needs, in running an indie video game company (aka "SpinPunch"). We open-sourced it because friends kept asking for the code. We're so glad to share this with you, and look forward to your comments, questions, and feature requests,
Pretty awesome rip off good work
I like the idea of an Open Source Slack but I'm not sure I understand. Mattermost has the same UI and UX (also the same font, from what I can see on the screenshots) as Slack. It lets you build your own features and you can host it wherever you want but it's not made by Slack, right ? Did Mattermost work on this project with the Slack team?
Hi @syswarren, we tried to carefully study different UI in designing Mattermost, including HipChat and Facebook in addition to Slack. We do consider ourselves an "open source, on-premises Slack-alternative" because we believe there's a community that wants such a product, and that they're underserved right now, That said, I think if you install the application and run it I hope you'll see there's more to our design than the two or three screenshots that were in our first blog post. For example, here's an early spec of the Mattermost "App Center", which is in progress right now: https://docs.google.com/document... ^ updated
@iantien @syswarren Slack was not just carefully studied, it was ripped off. I can't believe that Product Hunt would feature such a blatant clone. As a designer and a product maker, this makes me sick. I've had my work ripped off many, many times over the years, and I bet the Metalab and Slack team's right now are just fuming if not talking to their lawyers about how to sue Mattermost for violating U.S. trade dress laws.
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@flyosity Yeah, this is a blatant rip off. I'd be ashamed to be involved in a project like this.
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I second both @flyosity and @pasql 's statements. With the naked eye your design is a total copy of Slack, lest a few color changes.
Sounds Promising..
@imrsdotco It does but the competition is HUGE