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Ian Tien
@iantien · CEO, Mattermost / SpinPunch
Cross posting from Hacker News: We are looking for feedback on the design of a new Mattermost "App Center" that we're building to eventually host 3rd party apps:

It's a pretty raw document, and before it gets too polished, would love feedback from the community:

Would you find this interface interesting for building 3rd party apps?

What do you like about the design?

What do you wish was changed?

There's a couple 1st party Apps we'd start with, like an Admin Console and a Custom Web App. We're thinking there could be a marketplace for 3rd party workflow apps.

Example: add an "Expense Report" app where a user can upload the photo of a receipt from lunch from their phone and type "#expense #meals" and have a 3rd party app create a labeled expense report that would be viewable in App Center, from both phone and PC without leaving the app.

Would love to hear thoughts from the PH community. This is an early idea, it's just a Google Doc right now. Your input would help shape it.


christian stewart
@stewart_cc · Brand Strategist @ Anomaly
Slack, HipChat, ChatGrape, Flowdock, Unison, Glip, Cotap, Lua, Hall, Fleep, Kato, Twoodo, Convo, Stackfield, Svyft, campfire, Pie,, Bitrix24, Huddle, Teamnote, IBM Verse, Confide, Moxtra, Teamwork, Circuit by Unify, Central Desktop, Wrike, Yammer, Jive, Honey, Facebook @ Work, TigerText, Skype, Incentive Corp, and mattermost. Good luck gents
Kat Manalac
@katmanalac · Partner, Y Combinator
Mattermost is an open-source Slack alternative for team communication. It's built by YC alums SpinPunch. You can host Mattermost on your own servers, and build whatever new functionality you want atop the code base.
Julie Delanoy
@syswarren · Design with @wearetm 😻
I like the idea of an Open Source Slack but I'm not sure I understand. Mattermost has the same UI and UX (also the same font, from what I can see on the screenshots) as Slack. It lets you build your own features and you can host it wherever you want but it's not made by Slack, right ? Did Mattermost work on this project with the Slack team?
Tyler Howarth
@tylr · Designer at Medium
Pretty awesome rip off good work
Rahul Singh
@imrsdotco · #GrowthHacker #Entrepreneur
Sounds Promising..
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