Mattermark in Salesforce AppExchange

Automatically enrich leads in Salesforce with Mattermark

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Wooooo hoo! Mattermark for Salesforce AppExchange is now available, bringing lead enrichment with Mattermark’s unique data set of growth signals to millions of sales professionals using Salesforce to conduct business every day. We've had a Salesforce API integration for a few years now, but this is so much better is simple onboarding and installation and a ton of rich functionality thanks to Lightning. Sales teams use Mattermark to add important context to their relationships, and we automatically update more than 80 fields of data daily to make sure leads, contacts, and opportunities stay current. Super excited to have this in our customers' hands, and can't wait to iterate based on their feedback! Get started now:
Liam Boogar
Brand Marketing @ 360Learning
@daniellemorrill ooooooh! Gonna have to get the Algolia sales team using that!
joshua bradley
Passionate about making life better
The most obvious app integration. If you aren't using Mattermark for leads and opportunity discovery you are doing it wrong.
Right on Kevin and Danielle. I like the product direction you are going!
Congrats @danielle! Curious, how much work/how painful was it to get an app into the AppExchange? Thought about entertaining an idea before but feel like it'd be a hassle