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Just a general Mattermark comment: whomever does the design and front-end does a fantastic job! I love the Mattermark site!
Marcus TallhamnCEO, Otelic
This looks really cool. It could be a great way to augment the information we display about companies on Will it be possible to use any parts of this API without a paid account? (We're a scrappy startup:)
It looks great! However, how different it is from the CrunchBase API? On the other hand, what does the pricing look like?
Bryan Tsaodirector of product, mattermark
@pierrelechelle Thanks for commenting Pierre! Head of Product at Mattermark here. Our API offers a lot more functionality than Crunchbase, including - You can query for lists of companies meeting certain criteria, such as a minimum growth score, their industry, keyword or location (and more!), which helps you find companies you don't know about yet. With the Crunchbase API you have to already have a domain or company name to query for its details. - You can query for lists of similar companies and for news that we've used ML to associate with the company from over 600 sources/10k articles per day. - We have a lot more data about companies beyond just their funding and investors. For example we have historical time series data we've been collecting on their web traffic, mobile downloads, Twitter traffic, growth score and more, which are critical if you want to actually build a model.
Kurt FreytagHead of Product @CrunchBase
@bryantsao @pierrelechelle Hey there. First off, the @mattermark API looks really well-thought-out. Nicely done. Sorry to be late to the conversation. Head of Product for @crunchbase, and just want to clarify some things on the @crunchbase API. The @crunchbase API *does* allow you to filter organizations. Developers can query by type (investor, company, group, school), location, and category. We also support queries by domain name and organization name (which, incidentally, matches against prior names in cases of rebranding). The @crunchbase API also supports the ability to query for Organizations updated since an arbitrary timestamp. That enables developers to "keep tabs" on an industry or location without having to pull the entire dataset. Perhaps finally (for now), the @crunchbase API has Funding Rounds in addition to Acquisitions, IPOs and Fund Raises, so there's a breadth of activity that can inform analysis. You can learn more about the CrunchBase Data Products on our Data Hub at
Kevin DavisProduct Leader
The docs look great. Looks like it would be super easy to get started. Do you plan to add other types of events in the future (acquisitions, IPOs, going bankrupt etc) ? I didn't see a terms of use or pricing on there. A while back I was looking into building an app where people could (fake) bet on the future of startups ( Would you allow someone to build this kind of thing?
Anuj Adhiya
Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
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