Simple and light-weight project management tool

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Looks very nice. As a huge Asana fan, I'd be interested to hear from the makers about why Matterhorn's better.
Would love to be able to go through a quick demo with dummy data before signing up, even if there is a free trial.
I initially was hoping this was the real-life version of the "Die Hard at Disneyland" movie pitch from Entourage... Then I checked out the site and absolutely LOVE it! Just sent to the rest of the Lynxsy team to see what they think too.
@ryandawidjan do you guys use this? Curious what the selling points are - sorta looks like a hybrid of Asana/Trello.
@ckurdziel No sir, saw it on HN during my morning browse. Will let you know if we do :)
@ryandawidjan HN only cares how much it costs compared to other project management tools :-P