Matter & Form 3D Scanner

The world’s first truly affordable 3D scanner

True 360° scans in a matter of minutes. Priced at $600.
Finally, I can recreate my wife's small ornaments so that we have -even more- around the house. Interesting tool - but still wondering what the real-life applications would be.
@johnmabower Hey John, If you're into 3D printing, a scanner opens up a whole new world of possibility! Currently you have to commit to build something to print from scratch or find a design someone else created unless you have a scanner. This tool shaves of a huge amount of time. In fact, it is used by (but not limited to) makers, designers, artists, prototypers, inventors, mechanics and every manner of creatives from game developers to even cosplayers. Some parents have even used it to preserve their child's clay sculptures and share with family overseas. Some other home uses have been to repair broken items or to simply scan in something to modify in order to print. Teachers have used it to scan in learning aids to allow their students to navigate them in 3D environments this assists learning more complex STEM concepts. And, this is only scratching the tip of the ice berg! -Marie from Matter and Form's communication team ;)
Real nice looking scanner. $600 is still a bit away from being "affordable" for the masses though