Matter 2.0

Design web apps, pronto! UI Kit crafted in Sketch

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Hello fellow Product Hunters! We released brand spanking new version of Matter Kit. We have put every effort in to giving each pixel, layer and style the once over with meticulous attention to detail for consistency throughout the kit and redefined the look and feel to be more professional, clean and modern! As we all UI Kits, it's purpose is to help those who are looking to rapidly conceptualise ideas, or use as a starting point to develop the design further and make it their own. Rebranding is now super easy. With this update, we have made it even easier to update the color scheme and alpha values. This is already possible with Sketch's Shared Styles feature, but we have designed each element in such a way that when updating a single primary and secondary color value, even gradients are updated as well as solid fills - across the entire kit! All elements in the kit are either provided in both dark and light base themes or they work on dark and light backgrounds. Currently Sketch's capability means that text layers can't be updated via these color variables, so we've set all text to either solid black or white with using alpha variables set in the Color Library Artboard. So if you wanted, you could select all text layers and change the color without losing the darker/lighter shades. Hope you enjoy it along with the PH promotion! πŸŽ‰
@matterkit This is great! You have put so much effort into it. Nice work!
@ekryski thank you Eric, that means a lot πŸ˜„
@matterkit @2x Grabbed it without thinking twice. I'm a sucker for dark UI.
@matterkit @2x Sweet! Insta-bought it. How can we download future releases?
Just downloading it now! Excited to start using it.
@silasdunham Sweet! Let us know what you think :)
This is super cool! But sadly me (and @Matter_io) had nothing to do with it. @rrhoover
wow. Great job on the website!
This link has expired. How to get this?