MATRIX Creator

Raspberry Pi Dev Board w/ 8 Mics, FPGA, MC, IMU, + more

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Your product sounds great for IoT & DIY. Matrix Creator design makes me think of Tony Stark's heart πŸ€“
@yesnoornext indeed, we are creating an app for the heart, here is a starter view of that:
I totally bought this, can't wait to dig in :o)
@ayapejian thank you, shipping starts this Friday! Can't wait to see what you start making.
Interested in some actual use of this, rather than for DEV purpose only. There's a DYI guide for an actual device working that is doing something? eg. Smarthome?
@alexstrafalogea thanks for the message. You can see examples on An App Store is being launched shortly as well, where developers will be able to make the apps they create available for others to download (devs and non devs). You will be able to go to the App Store and with a MATRIX Creator, Raspberry Pi and Camera in-hand, for instance, download an app which allows you to control your TV with voice or gesture recognition. There are already 200 apps conceptualized from smart homes, robots, drones, smart buildings, just to name a few. One of the goals is to make IoT really really easy and accessible for everyone. Have a great weekend.
@rodolfosaccoman Thank you for your answer. I will keep an eye for it, very curious about the actual implementation of it! Good luck!
It all looks like a nice toy. till you want to make it autonomous with a lithium battery. Then your project become 2-3 times bigger.
@ilya_libin Thanks for the note. We will make recommendations for battery-based devices soon. Our dev board capabilities and extensions is designed for novice to advanced developers. Best regards, Rodolfo
Hi Product Hunters! Thank you for the upvotes. Our team at MATRIX Labs is excited to share the most IoT-ready dev board for Raspberry Pi. At $99, MATRIX Creator hosts a multitude of sensors and a full suite of short-range wireless radios; a microphone array, microcontroller, IR, UV detector, IMU, Thread support, Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc. It is a tool for developers to build IoT apps quickly and inexpensively for drones, robots, smart home, security, gaming, and all the custom hardware ideas they can imagine. We can't wait to ship on July 15th and see what creations come to life! "MATRIX is building an Internet of Things that actually works" - PC Mag "One of the more promising pieces of hardware" - Make: Magazine Please give us your feedback, questions, and try it out for yourself if you're curious! Thank you, Isabella Team MATRIX