A handy and friendly calculator.

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Greetings, Product Hunters! My name is Andrés Alonso. I’m the creator of MathJoy. So, What led me to design and develop MathJoy? In one word? Frustration. I have used various scientific and graphical calculators. When I had to work against the clock, like in college exams, I experienced how confusing those calculators are. At times, I lost track of what I was calculating in the first place! They are cluttered. They are counter-intuitive. And most of all, they are frustrating. Because they hinder the task at hand. I wanted to build a calculator app with the same feeling of a video game controller. A calculator that’s fun to use. Yet functional. In this line of thought, I came up with the name: MathJoy. Thinking of the ergonomics and fun experience of a joypad, applied to an app that evaluates mathematical expressions. A calculator that sparks joy… MathJoy! A number of products featured in @ProductHunt were of great assistance. For instance, the interactive book, Design+Code by @mengto, gave me a guide-like understanding of every step I had to take to build my iOS app from scratch. I’ll love to hear your feedback!