Solve math problems instantly from arithmetic to calculus

Mathew allows you to scan printed or handwritten math problem for instant step-by-step instructions.

It's like having your own personal teacher by your side whenever you are trying to learn! Giving you just what you need to get unstuck and make learning fun.

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But everyone knows that Mathew with one T is not as smart as Matthew with 2 T's...
@boogsau God damn it Matthew!
I've been chatting with @nicholassheriff on Twitter about the amazing tech empire he's building. This app has been blowing up the app store worldwide, grabbing the top spot in numerous countries. Please tell us more about the journey so far @nicholassheriff
@abadesi Thanks so much Abadesi, “Just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved”. - Shuri ( Black Panther ) We believe that personalized, truly immersive and enjoyable learning experiences should be at the forefront of exceedingly advanced technological progress. This shouldn’t just be something used for emoji’s or selfies…although that’s cool too, we are persuaded that to truly add immense value to the current and future generations we need more players, brilliant teams that can execute exceptionally well in spaces that are truly unsexy but are essential to societal progress. Yet the current systems and signaling today is fundamentally fragmented systemically. So our goal is to work on changing this discussion. To say yes absolutely a education co, not just one geared toward infants but lifelong learning regardless of age or location can in-fact be as exciting and rewarding as a brand as Netflix and Apple are to entertainment and consumerism. It’s going to take everything we have, and we are committed to this journey. It has been quite the incredible almost 4 year journey, from battling skin cancer to getting rejected by every vc firm in the not having enough money to pay your rent. Fast forward to today and we’re a 3 person team, self funded and profitable startup in the unsexy AI driven computer vision space with a focus on the $200 billion dollar global education market. We are currently top free in over 70 countries and have users in over 125 countries and will pass 250,000 users shortly. When we were paid we were making five figures a month in revenue. At a price point of $2.99-$299 yes we were top paid at $299 and in some countries they paid $500. We are the fastest growing educational product period. We have a triple digit weekly growth rate. Never underestimate exceptional execution, product and market fit...and a diverse team, focused and committed to one single purpose/vision. We’re also launching Tutors this week and we’re tackling not simply word problems but note taking and studying the following week. Oh and we are launching a learning center in LA & San Francisco in the coming months. I won’t talk anymore lol ( it’s already turning into a novel ) our commitment to utilizing this transformative tech advancements with education is directly aligned with Steve Jobs passion and vision: [Steve Jobs on Education - YouTube](
) let's build this together - get in touch:
Love this idea. Daydreamed about this in middle school when teacher said I had to show my work instead of solving in my head.