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This is pretty huge! From the founder's mouth "One of my goals since the beginning of Mathematica more than a quarter century ago has been to make the system as widely accessible as possible. And it’s exciting today to be able to take another major new step in that direction—making Mathematica immediately accessible to anyone with a web browser."
What's the deal with the free Raspberry Pi version? I mean it's complex how many different versions they have, and then when you can get it free on Pi, it's kinda confusing. Now, I doubt the Pi version will compete for professionals (as the pi is so limited in memory and processing power) but it could definitely serve as a replacement for the $75 student edition.
I also feel mathematica is really feeling the heat from Numpy/R and other free alternatives...
Thanks for sharing this great resource! I'm absolutely horrible at remembering ways to solve problems when it comes to math assignments. I usually use a third-party help to get my homeworks properly done.
I hate math with a burning passion, but this tool must be helpful