Math Warriors

A fun 1vs1 game in real time! Compete in the math arena!

Math Warriors is a real time 1vs1 game in the world of math! A fun and educational game for all ages.

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  • Pros: 

    Great graphics, simple interface, playing with friends and other users in real time.


    Sometimes, it is hard to stop playing.

    The math generation algorithm seems very adaptive with respect to the mental ability and the progress of the user.

    Giannis Tsatsaragkos has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    A nice way to spend some time and keep your mind in shape.


    Can't think of anything.

    Good to have these kind of games.

    Themis Chatzis has used this product for one week.


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Tasos MaroudasMaker@jeevium · Web & mobile software engineer
Math Warriors co-founder here 👋 MW is a fun and educational game for people who like 1vs1 games and also looking to enjoy while playing with maths! Through our public beta in Android we received very valuable feedback about bugs 🎉 and upcoming features that the community would like to see ❤️ FEATURES: ✓ Real time 1vs1 math battles ✓ Ideal for young children to improve their math skills ✓ Perfect for all ages ✓ Gain trophies and move your way up to the leaderboard ✓ Vibrant colors and beautiful graphics ✓ Ferociously competitive math battles rounds ✓ Unlock achievements and gain awesome UPCOMING FEATURES: ✓ Challenge your friends in 1vs1 math battles ✓ More educational math questions levels Thanks for checking us out and feel free to share your feedback! 😍 PS: iOS version is on its way as well 😉
kydy@kydyzyx · Curious tech soul
Very interesting :)
Tasos MaroudasMaker@jeevium · Web & mobile software engineer
@kydyzyx thanks for your comment. Have you tried the game? And if so maybe you would like to share some feedback? Cheers, Tasos
kydy@kydyzyx · Curious tech soul
@jeevium I personally liked it, thought it was great :) maybe can have little ads but manageable :)
Tasos MaroudasMaker@jeevium · Web & mobile software engineer
@kydyzyx thanks for the kind words and the prompt response! Currently we show 1 ad every 2 games have finished. Will consider your feedback and discuss it with the team :)
Arsen Solomonov@arsen_solomonov · married, raising a daughter
A great place to play against friends. Intellectual games rules!