Mateverse + IFTTT integration jumps leaps ahead towards the true democratization of ML. Now users can even automate tasks which require an intelligent rationale. Mateverse acts like an intelligent filter and this has even decoupled IFTTT even more.

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Thanks a lot Tak for hunting us down, We are motivated than ever before to democratize machine learning and bring it down to masses. P.S.: The Get It Button redirects to Mateverse main website. please check ( to go directly to IFTTT's page. Mateverse is a Machine Learning (ML) platform Mateverse to automate the process of building and training ML models. Something like Wordpress, but for Machine Learning (ML). Our users can easily build ML solutions in minutes without writing even a single line of code. We truly believe in democratizing AI and bringing it down to masses, so that everyone can experience ML first hand. With that vision we found the right partner in IFTTT, where users can introduce intelligence into a very mechanical environment of IFTTT. IFTTT is already automating hundreds of thousands of apps, but introducing machine learning there users can automate even those tasks which needs Reasoning. This makes it a next level automation. Hope to see some great automation. Edit: MateLabs website:
@rahul_vishwakarma Hey there! Super interested in trying this out. Login doesn't seem to be working for me, though.
@treggify Hey Tregg, Thanks a lot for appreciating. I am really sorry to hear that. Can you try searching the Verification mail in your mailbox.
This is super interesting. Where is your homepage? All I can find is a page to signup/login, I just want to learn more about it.
@tombielecki +1 I don't get why you don't have an "about us" page of some information about your product on your website, just like what you described above.
@tombielecki @askdaylen Guys really sorry to hear that. Please visit to know more. And regarding About Us page, we are getting it live. Keep a watch Thanks.
wow. this is an interesting way to put AI and ML in the hands of the general audience. Awesome work guys.