Modern front-end framework based on Material Design

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I tried to get in contact with the team that built it but I don't think any of them have twitter accounts. ( ✿ •̀ ‸ •́ ✿ )
It's quite cool and it's nice that someone is building something like this from the ground up... but for now this is still my go-to Material Design tool:
@sleinadsanoj that is much better. Sadly this Materialize website seems poorly handled. There also a couple of typos (due to fast typing) in the About page.
This is a good first attempt but I'm a little disappointed that for a site that touts having a good responsive layout based on Google's design principles, it looks very buggy on my Nexus 5.
I love how the buttons work, it's really nice when they kinda like "waving" and it depends on where you click! Very good job! Probably will switch to Materialize from Bootstrap...
For those of you wondering, it doesn't say so right away on the homepage or on github, but the binaries seem to be under the MIT license. They should have a license file or mention it on the about page. Great find @erictwillis