A material design color palette on macOS / Windows / Linux

#2 Product of the DayOctober 16, 2016
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Hey Product Hunt, I wanted to share this palette picker with you today. I create mockups and designs on a daily basis, and it's always nice to style them up with a bit of material design colors. Having to look up material design colors every time was beginning to be a chore, so I developed this quick color picker that lives on the macOS/OSX menu bar. It's only available on macOS at the moment, but windows and linux variants are to come (it's built with electron). Hope you enjoy it! EDIT: Got together a Linux/Windows release available in v1.1.0!
Not whining, just wondering! Is it that much different packaging an Electron app for Win / Linux in addition to Mac OS? It seems like a lot of Electron projects have this "coming soon" label for Win/Linux but it seemed trivial to package for all OSes when I was messing around with it.
@antonis_tsagari No problem! Just speaking from my experience with electron (first time using it), packaging for windows requires wine (the installer for wine is pretty buggy on macOS sierra right now), and the I did compile out a linux build but couldn't get it quite working out of the box. Small bumps in the road, but thought I'd get the product out for mac first rather than wait!
@michael_schultz Cool! Thanks for your reply!
@antonis_tsagari Also in case if you were interested in windows/linux... got it together for a v1.1.0 release!
Looks awesome! I also use Skala color which is great :