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Hey everyone! It's been a while since I launched http://flatuicolors.com. For a long time I wanted to apply the same layout to Material UI. Well, today it's live. Hope you find it useful for upcoming projects!
@ahmetsulek Flatuicolors have been so freaking helpful in the past couple of years ! And this one looks even better. THANK YOU !
Awesome to see it live ! Hope you guys will enjoy this color picker built by the wonderful Panda Network team ! @Ahmetsulek & @WilliamChanner ! I contributed to this project, by helping them to create a piece of ui, and you may be interested to see it on it's standalone version. I make a pen with it & you can find it here : http://codepen.io/LukyVj/pen/meJqor
Totally in love with the interface. Very intuitive :)
@jpvalery so glad to hear that!
It's amazing :-)