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@kwdinc Nice find, Kevin.
@kwdinc Thank you so much for sharing and getting the word out about our project. Still much work to be done, but so much interest has us motivated to keep moving forward.
Would be nice if the doc site and demos were responsive
@mm agreed. kinda makes this a nonstarter for me.
@mm Hey Morgan. Seth from Call-Em-All here. We definitely have some things to work on. With all of this rapid interest we are starting to prioritize what people are pointing out and getting them knocked out as fast as we can and hopefully get some help from the community. @clarklab, we hope you keep following along as responsive is high on the list.
This looks great. Would love to build a Foundation5+Angular+MaterialUI stack.
This is great except that Roboto rendering is not so great on desktops, unfortunately.
Lot of material design stuff coming out these days
@saijo_george Yep. I especially like their redesign of Google Maps for iOS.