Material Notes

Simple no hassle notes app in a beautiful material design

☞ Fully Offline: Don't like companies storing your data, no problem this note app is fully offline.

☞ Rich Note Input: Add rich notes - lists, headings, quotes and more.

☞ Markdown Support: The text elements have markdown support

☞ Choice of Grid / List layouts

☞ Simple UX: Simplistic and straight forward UI.

☞ Archived, Favourites, and more

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5 Reviews3.0/5
Amazing app. I just wish apps that are this well made also had more distinctive names, they deserve it!

I really really like this app! I would consider using it as my main note app if it a more unique name and a sync feature.


Beautiful design, useful features like locking notes, easy to use.


Generic name, no back-up or sync, no desktop or web app.

Great job !! Does it come for iOS ?? What else is new for this ??
Nice app. Looks like this could be a good intersection of Google Keep and iA Writer. Any chance we'll see an iOS version?
Really cool app with a lot of useful features. And I like the device frames used in the screenshots in particular 😁