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Mix match material colors to see what works best 🎨

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 25, 2017
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Nice! I would make sure that the color text labels switch to white when the cell behind it is/becomes a dark tint.. It took me a little bit to discover how to set the Tint color. I first tried Alt-clicking, and next tried selecting the round Add ( + ) button and then picking a color. Only after that I noticed tint color has its own palette on the right. That could be a bit more intuitive.
Thanks @davidvb. I had coded it such that, at least one item in both section is already selected. But i think its not working for some reason, need to debug/fix it. I agree with your points, some times developers miss details of UX, and think from their on shoes. Its always better to see from end users perspective.
Like it @sanketmehta7 - simple but effective! Any plans to incorporate other UI examples?
Thanks @david_west. Original idea was to keep it simple so that it serve as a tool to check colour complements and get all tint & shades. But looking at good response I am planning to integrate other UI components. Ideas are welcome.
Awesome! I've always wanted a tool like this, and, well, now we've got one! Great work, keep it up :)
Thanks @editandrew I am glad you found it useful.