Material Kit PRO

Premium Bootstrap Material Design UI Kit (PSD + HTML5)

Hi, Here is Alex, one of the creators of Material Kit PRO. Material Kit PRO is a Bootstrap UI Kit inspired by Google's Material Design. It is structured in Components, Sections and Example Pages: Components - There is a huge number of components like buttons, inputs, forms, navbars, alerts, footers, cards, tables etc. that are built on top of Bootstrap. All components can take variations in colors, that you can easily modify using SASS files or by CSS classes. Every item comes in 2 forms: PSD element and HTML/CSS/JS implementation based on the package that you choose. You can view all the components here: Sections - Putting together a page has never been easier than matching together sections like Header, Features, Team, Pricing, Project, Testimonial etc. We have created multiple options for you to put together. You can view all the sections here: Example Pages - The easiest way to get started is to use one of our pre-built example pages. From landing pages to about us, blog pages or contact us, you will be able to jump-start your development. Show your clients a quick prototype and get inspired for your next project! Check the example pages in navbar under the Examples dropdown: There is also a FREE version that you can play with (or contribute): and a 30% discount coupon for the hunters "ProductHuntExclusive" :D If you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know. Best, Alex Co-Founder @CreativeTim