A beautiful graphics framework for Material Design in Swift

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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 30, 2016
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Sasha Kozachuk
Sasha Kozachuk@sashakozachuk · CTO at
Great job! Everything is well documented and easy to set up. Thank you.
Philip Amour
Philip Amour@philipamour · Freelance Product Designer
Oh my, a poor design language that was not thought through – now on iOS. It's the best way to make things unfamiliar, confusing and hard to use for the end user, especially when they are used to the iOS design language. I respect your work and kudos to all the time spent on it; however, I believe that material design, especially on iOS will result in really bad user experience.
danieldahanMaker@djonbutter · Software Engineer
@philipamour Material is a graphics framework. It could look like anything. The first theme is Material Design :)
Alex Bush
Alex Bush@alex_v_bush · Author of
@philipamour it's a matter of taste. I love material design and especially on iOS. Just play with Google Inbox iOS app and you'll know what I'm talking about
Philip Amour
Philip Amour@philipamour · Freelance Product Designer
@djonbutter Looking forward what comes next. ;)
xiaodong@xiaoxidong2010 · PM in China.
Tom Frauenfelder
Tom Frauenfelder@tomfrauenfelder · Founder
Really nice guys, well done
MYANA@smliad · SMLIA
Great job. Beauty app across two platforms