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Hey guys, this is @imaleksi and I's startup, Material. We're a portfolio hosting platform for creatives and we're proud to launch right here on Product Hunt. :) We also made two coupons for you guys if you choose to try us out! One that gives you 25% off for the first year of Material, the code "producthunt", or one that gives you the first month free, "productmonth"! I'm probably heading to bed, but @imaleksi will be awake and will happily answer some questions :)
No sample portfolio?
@caffo Here's a little sample I put up for you guys:
Why would I choose this over SquareSpace? No obvious difference or additional benefit on your homepage.
@markzeman Hey Mark! We're not directly Squarespace competitors as we focus completely providing simple solution for creating and hosting your portfolio site.
@markzeman I agree. So far I don't see enough of a differentiation either.
@muellermm @markzeman Squarespace is more of a personal website generator. We specialize in making it very easy for a creative to push their content to a prebuilt, beautiful website with very little excess frill. We do give users the power to customize their website, but we in itself aren't a website builder.
Seems like has this space covered pretty well? any differentiators? Also, the logo mark seems like rehash of slack's hashtag
@nasherasher it's always good to have competition :), but our service does provide a few differences that we're beginning to roll out - including free domain names with purchases, personalized analytics, and import/share with Dribbble and Behance.
@nasherasher The other 2 competitors I know of are Format and Semplice, which both seem to have great followings.
@amritachandra Semplice is not a competior because it's only for self-hosted wordpress sites