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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 10, 2016
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mihir @mhrnik
I would really like to check examples made with materia.
Thibaud ARNAULTMaker@thibaud_arnault
@mhrnik You can check these 2 demo applications: a Todo application ( and a WebMap application ( You can clone these repositories and open them with Materia Designer. We're currently working to make more examples available in the documentation
mihir @mhrnik
@thibaud_arnault Thanks for sharing.
Mehdi MedjaouiMaker@medjawii · Founder Materia/
co-founder here. Glad to anwser all the questions. And thank you to have added us on PH, how can we edit the page, description and screenshots?
Nemoy Rau@nraush
I think there's a Knights of the Round materia joke somewhere here
Vladislav Arbatov@vladzima · Founder
This is a solid product with a good UI to establish a database, relations and API endpoints. Would be just great to see such an easy integration with frontend for half/non-developers who don't know JS in future versions.
Thibaud ARNAULTMaker@thibaud_arnault
@vladzima It's the plan ;) thanks for the feedback
Vladislav Arbatov@vladzima · Founder
@thibaud_arnault Fantastic!
Ram@ramkumarhq · Startups Lover, Business Consultant
unfortunately the website is down :(
Thibaud ARNAULTMaker@thibaud_arnault
@ramkumarhq it has been fixed, sorry for the inconvenience!