Mate Translate for iMessage (previously, it was Instant Translate) is an ultimate app to chat from within iMessage in 103 languages.

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Hi hunters! Thanks to @_jacksmith once again for hunting us! You may have already seen Mate Translate on PH, but today we have a very special occasion to be here again: it's a release of the Mate Translate for iMessage Extension. Actually, it is not the only new feature in a brand new 2.0 version we released yesterday, but perhaps the most prominent and promising one, since Apple and iPhone users tend to set their hope on iMessage apps. Using our iMessage app, you will be able to chat with people even if you don't speak a common language. You will write in your language, Mate Translate will translate it instantly and attach the translation to the message, so that you send the translation. Currently, there are 103 languages supported, including auto detection. Apart the iMessage app, you will get a bunch of other features in this version of our iOS app, such as Lock Screen Widget for translation of the clipboard contents on-the-fly and speech recognition in over 40 languages. The app can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge, so I can only wish you a good luck and ask you for some feedback here!
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Super creative. It won't be long before language no longer becomes a barrier to connect with others, online and IRL. The harder challenge will be translating cultural differences, where one-to-one word translation means different things.
@patprokesch please, enlighten me how their keyboard helps to translate cultural differences, where one-to-one word translation means different things? By the way, quality of translations itself in iTranslate is worse than in Instant Translate. Just try to translate a few sentences on your own 😉
@alex_chernikov @patprokesch how does your keyboard help to translate cultural differences?
@berndkampl we don't have a keyboard, first of all. Cash in on your popularity? I did neither mention you for the first time, nor said we translate cultural differences.
Looks promising. I definitely have to test this one.
Cool idea. On web landing page I would tweak a little bit the header. Maybe "Polyglot in your pocket" to make it more personal. And description: Break the language barriers! Dictionary, text-to-speech and offline history in 104 languages." Just my humble opinion.
Very cool! Definite download.