Mate Translate

Ultimate translation app for Mac, iOS, Chrome and many more

Mate is the best translator app for both instant-text-to text translations as well as speech translations. That means you can talk directly into your iPhone or Apple Watch and Mate will speak back to you in whatever language you choose.

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Hola hunters! I am more than grateful to @_jacksmith for a chance to share our updated product with you. This posting is a very special one because it includes all the experience and knowledge we gained during our previous work on Instant Translate that we want to share with you in a form of this awesome update. Perhaps, some of you still remember us as Instant Translate. Mate is a very massive update of Instant Translate. We literally changed and improved almost everything. New name, new design, our vision, all the apps became better and lighter, their user interface — more perceptible, user-friendly and understandable. I hope you will like it! It’s a well-known fact that the first after-launch week is for fixes and improvements, so we would be happy to hear what do you think about Mate. And thanks for all of your support! <3 P.S.: also thanks to @t55 for hunting us previously.
@alex_chernikov shit+t in chrome is not working... Do you recommend to use desktop app?
@vladkorobov what sites are you having this bug on? I'll check this out...
@alex_chernikov I don't remember, on what does it depend?
@vladkorobov no, it normally just doesn't work on Chrome Web Store pages and in PDF files. Those are all Chrome API restrictions we cannot bypass...
Wow, looks really interesting. Would be glad to try it!

Available for all platforms


Great UI


didn't find

Great job !! Will try it out for sure 😊
love the design of this product!