Matchr for Android

Meet new people anonymously & unlock their profile

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Hey, We've been working on Matchr since a few weeks trying to solve the problems we faced on other anonymous chat apps & websites. We found the idea for unlocking people on anonymous chats pretty cool. Anonymous chats are a mess when the person using it isn't verified, so we brought in social login into it and also a feature to see who's behind the other screen by unlocking their profile once the other person approves. We're constantly working on to improve the experience. We'll also be launching the iOS app next month. Let us know how we can improve this further. Thanks!
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Hey! I like the concept! But, how do you guys match people?
@saarthak_agarwal Hey Saarthak, thanks! We're using your Facebook interests to match with other people while trying to match you with someone nearby.
Nice idea. Is there any limitation on the location, or it can be changed according to user's preferences?
@0_rishabh Hey Rishabh. If we find someone nearby we match you with them. Otherwise we notify all the users around you (who have opted-in for the notifications) that there's a match available. Thanks for trying it out :D