Matchmaker Coffee

Fall in love with your custom coffee, designed just for you!

1. Take our 6-Coffee Blind Taste Test. Score the coffees and provide us with feedback on what makes a coffee perfect for you!
2. We use algorithms and coffee-matchmakers to source, design and roast your coffee.
3. Your coffee is delivered to your door!
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Hey PH! Suneal here from Matchmaker Coffee. After running The Roasters Pack for over 5 years (a coffee subscription up here in Canada), Adam & I have learned a tonne about what people want out of their coffee. Some people love the variety (which is where The Roasters Pack comes in), but some people just want a consistently delicious coffee at an affordable price. The issue is that 'delicious' is completely different depending on the person! Some love fruit forward coffees, others love really chocolatey and roasty coffees. Which is why personalization is so important! We built the blind taste test to remove any ambiguity and really be able to dial in what makes a coffee delicious for you (and how you’re brewing up the coffee). What else? We really want to make sure this is a company that our subscribers can love, for more than just the taste of the coffee and the price. Our bags are recyclable (#2), we're roasting our coffee on the industry leading efficient coffee roaster (a Loring) and our facility uses the green Bullfrog Power. We also have a relationship with The Food Bank of Waterloo to donate a meal for every pound of coffee we sell. Finally, we put a heavy focus on sourcing coffee that pays producers properly for their work (much more than the Fair Trade minimums). Thanks for reading this! **Aaaaand now, here’s a coupon code to give you a $5 off discount on your first month**: COFFEE-LOVE If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop into the comments! We'll be checking back throughout the day! - Suneal @ Matchmaker Coffee / The Roasters Pack