Connecting founders and investors through games

Matchbox.VC is a platform for connecting founders with investors in a low pressure and fun environment.
Founders get to connect and pitch awesome investors, and investors get to source hot companies, all while doing something they enjoy.

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Now that's what I'm talking about! Can't wait to run duo's with Marc Andreesen πŸ˜‚
Fortnite.VC already has VC's from top firms like Accel, Contrary, Republic, and more. Our founders are vetted, verified, and come from some of the hottest early stage companies. Are you're a founder building something interesting, or a VC/Angel investor looking for awesome companies, then check us out and have some fun:
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Hosting a live streamed tournament, where the winner gets a certain amount of guaranteed funding
Adding other games to the platform
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@alexwallish I think the cool part about your idea is to take a game that we mutually enjoy, and to get to know one another in a familiar space while still being #pitchy... I do not really think that you intend to pivot to testing a thesis where fortnite victory royale = best company? Also I think it's better to poll active users, though still good to hear from the masses ...
@michaelbarnes I definitely agree. As far as a tournament, I wasn't thinking that founders would be competing base on Fortnite ability, but rather based on their pitch. Fortnite is just the backdrop. I was thinking basically just live streaming the founders taking turns playing with a VC or two and then having the VC's decide who to advance, play another game with, and then select a winner at the end, based on who they want to invest in, not who was actually the best player. Somebody else actually suggested this and I think it might have some merits. Just a thought though. I'm still exploring where to take this.
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Amazing idea!