Fast file transfer tool with no file size limits.

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Thanks @kwdinc for the hunt! We built MASV Rush to make it really easy to send massive files over the net, as opposed to shipping drives (think video editors). We've got fast tech that serves Sydney, LA, NY, London and Amsterdam direct (should work from anywhere). Offering 50GB free usage to sign up and 50GB for referrals, it's $0.15/GB/recipient after that. Hope you like it! Let us know!
Looks good... Ill give it a try with some heavy duty 8k Footage.
@anthony_loyola Thanks and please do! 8k footage is exactly why we built MASV Rush.
Excellent resource for video makers. I have promoted it on but I have had a few readers complain that by signing up via their mobile the info on the page promises only 50GB. I guess this is just an overlook on your side but it would be nice if you could correct it.