Track the time you spend developing your skills

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In order to become a Master you must practice a skill for 10000 hours. Mastery tracks how much time you spend on developing your skills. This app allows to gamify your skill development and enhance productivity. Really love the design of this tool!
@riaface I'm glad that you love it!
Looks nice! Any plans for automated data entry / integration with something like Toggl?
@manasvinik Thank you. One of my friend suggested that and I think I will implement something like that next week.
@mihailburduja I agree, the automation aspect would be really fun. I used to keep something like this in an Excel spreadsheet. I used it to track my progress through text books, business books, programming lessons, tutorials, etc. But then I started using it for skills like you've designed here. I liked having the visibility of progress on otherwise often intangible soft skills. Nice one Mihail. It would be fun to see your screenshots of what you're tracking at the moment too :)
Is there web-app or even chrome app version available?
@adamscochran not at the moment
Connection to Degreed would be cool too.
Looks pretty nice :) I'd suggest looking at apis like rescuetime or to-do apps. I made an app of a similar concept more focused for tech skills and found rescuetime to be really helpful for automatic data collection