Invest in the world’s most valuable paintings. is the first art investment platform that lets you to invest in iconic, multi-million dollar artwork. Adding art to your portfolio isn’t just for billionaires anymore. With Masterworks, you can now invest in this ultra-exclusive asset class.

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Hi everyone, great to be here and to bring you! We launched Masterworks in September 2017 to democratize ownership of high-end artwork, an asset class that has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 (gross returns of around 12%) with very low volatility. However, investment-grade art typically costs more than $2 million per painting, which almost everyone cannot afford. For the first time ever, we're filing paintings with the SEC so we can sell shares in them, and then building-out a trading platform for investors to trade shares in these great works of art. Our first two offerings are an Andy Warhol "Marilyn" painting (we paid $1.815mm) and a Claude Monet paining (we paid $6.3mm). Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!
@rmcbeath Have you found that art dealing world is receptive to this sort of thing? Or are they against it?
Hey @rmcbeath Can you tell us more about the app you've built and how it works? What was your inspiration for building it?
@rmcbeath @jacqvon I had the same question :)
@jacqvon @ani_hakobyan Hey Annie, check out the below and let me know if you have any questions 😃
Hey @rmcbeath! Your product looks great, and I really think that art is an investment commodity which has been overlooked by many platforms. This reminds me of Arthena but you seem to be democratizing art investment - which is great! What is in your future roadmap?
@rmcbeath @jamesstewart Unlike Arthena, we are not a fund. You purchase shares in individual artworks. In today's world, most investment-grade artwork costs at least $2mm per painting. In terms of future roadmap, we plan to open trading markets next year.
@rmcbeath @scott_lynn Yeah, after reading further into your startup I can really see the value that investors can receive. Congrats on having such high returns by the way 😃 I look forward to seeing you trade on the public markets!
Love the idea! 💡 One questions: - Can I "cash out" any time that I want? Or just when the artwork is being sold again
Wow! Sounds like an amazing platform!! So I guess that the shares can only be traded within users of the plaform and it's kind of a leap of faith towards art ownership. But where are the physical painting stored? Are they tradable to 100% holders? I mean, is this the exit stategy for the end user?
@danielrziv Hey Daniel! Thanks for the message. In terms of trading, we're working on a number of solutions that will allow you to trade and liquidate your shares just like you would on the stock market. Remember, when comparing the ArtPrice 100 index to the S&P 500 since 2000, Art has outperformed the stock index by 250%! So, not so much a leap of faith ;) The paintings are currently stored in a secure, air-conditioned storage facility in Delaware, US - however we are looking to open a gallery in New York City in 2019 to display all the works. The way an investor can realize returns is either through the re-sale of the painting (for example, a private buyer may make an offer) or when trading launches, you can buy, sell and trade shares. I hope this helps!