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With such an awesome lineup and incredible host, who isn't excited by this?! First episode out May 3! This is from WaitWhat - a content incubator founded by former TED executives June Cohen and Deron Triff, in association with Stitcher. You can read more on Entrepreneur magazine here and as the official media partner, they have a special online hub where the conversation continues with Reid, inviting entrepreneurs to write and speak about their own experiences, and to react to Hoffman’s theories Reminds me of the series
@bentossell Based on the Blitzscaling series (and of course, Reid's CV) it's safe to say that this is going to be next level! I think I recall hearing that Reid was putting together a book on the topic of Blitzscaling, so perhaps this is the precursor to that? The Stanford CS183 class has become synonymous with tech entrepreneurship. Peter Thiel taught CS183 there in 2012, which served as the foundations for his book Zero to One. Sam Altman followed it up in 2014 with a series called "How to Start a Startup". And then Greylock/Reid Hoffman, John Lilly, Chris Yeh, and Allen Blue taught a class called Blitscaling (Stanford CS183c) in fall 2015. I wonder what'll be next? For anyone interested in Masters of Scale, head over to the Greylock Youtube Channel and check out the Blitzscaling videos, you won't be disappointed.
Huge Fan of Reid Hoffman Dope🚬🚬
This is very cool! Glad you hunted! @bentossell
anybody who listened to his blitzscaling series on greylock's grey matter already knows how good this is going to be. i'm stoked.
Will be listening on Breaker.