Build habits by using the addictive powers of social media.

Mastermind is an app helps you build habits by leveraging the same addictive powers of social media. More than an app - it is a place on the internet for communities to do any habit together.
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The app seems useful. Are you guys planning for Android/Web version of this?
@singhpratyush_ good question.. When Android?
@singhpratyush_ @mefranco hey guys. not just yet. need to validate that the app is here to stay before investing in another platform.
Can you talk about the "addictive powers of social media" that you are using for the app? Seems vague
@mattmayberry not sure why my reply didn't go directly to you but posted as a comment: "Good question. Social media uses a ton of tactics to get us to come back. Among them, dopamine hits for those likes, accumulating followers, social validation from peers, etc. It's taking advantage of our social wiring to push certain behaviors. Similarly, Mastermind uses dopamine for when you complete your habits (claps), instead of accumulating followers, you accumulate completions (games), instead of validation through pictures, you get social pressure to do your habits through seeing others do them (notifications). Much of what I implemented here is based off of SaaS: Status as a Service ( Great read if you are interested!"
Hello everybody! Mastermind is an app to help people build habits by leveraging the same addictive powers of social media (dopamine, social validation, gamification, etc) I'be been building habit apps for 5 years now and this is my latest attempt to get people doing more. You can read the story here: If you have any questions, let me know!
So excited to try this! I need this in my life.
Great habit building app! Helps me stay accountable with my friends. Highly recommended!